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1. Little Sun International Pty Ltd will be known as 'The Company' in these Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

2. Payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice to approved customers, otherwise payment must be made in advance.

3. The Customer must obtain written authorisation before cancelling any orders with the Company.  A cancellation fee may apply to cover any costs incurred to the company upon cancelling orders with its suppliers.

4. The Company reserves the right to reject any online order until the time it has provided a formal invoice. Upon cancellation any payments made by the customer will be refunded.



5. The Customer hereby acknowledges that, should any amount not be paid on the invoice due date, or any payment by cheque be unpaid, the entire balance then outstanding shall immediately become due and payable without any notice whatsoever.  The Customer agrees that a service charge of 0.05% per day on overdue balances may be charged to the Customer's account at the discretion of the Company.

6. In the event of the Company instructing its solicitors to collect an overdue amount all legal fees and collection charges and tracing agents fees as between solicitor and client shall be borne by the Customer and all payments made shall firstly be allocated towards such fees and charges thereafter to interest and finally to capital.

7. The Customer hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Laws of Victoria for all actions which may be instituted against it for the recovery of any amounts owing to the Company.

8. (a) Product supplied by the Company to the Customer will be at the Customer's risk upon delivery to the Customer or into the Customer's custody (whichever the sooner), and the Customer must insure the product thereafter against such risks as the Company reasonably requires.

(b) Ownership of the product supplied by the Company will not pass to the Customer and will remain with the Company until such time as the product the subject of the Contract and all other products supplied by the Company to the Customer and all debts owing by the Customer to the Company from any other cause, have been paid in full.

(c) The Customer irrevocably agrees and undertakes that the Company (its servants or agents), will have the right forthwith (and without prejudice to any other rights the Company may have pursuant to these Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale or at law or in equity) without notice or demand to immediately enter upon the Customer's premises and retake possession and remove the product in the possession of the Customer or wheresoever situated.

9. Notwithstanding  8(a), 8(b), and 8(c) above, the risk of any loss or damage to or any deterioration in product from whatever cause shall pass to the Customer at the time of delivery.

11. The terms and conditions contained herein constitute the entire Agreement between the parties and no amendment or variation shall be of any force and effect unless in writing and signed by both the Company and the Customer.  No representations have been made by the Company or on its behalf which have induced the Customer to enter into this Agreement.

12. No relaxation or indulgence granted by the Company to the Customer shall be deemed as a waiver of any rights of the Company in terms of this Agreement and such relaxation or indulgence shall not be deemed a novation of any terms and conditions of this agreement.

13. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused to the property or person of the Customer or any third party as a result of any defect in the product whether patent or latent, and the Customer indemnifies the Company against any claims made against it by any third party arising out of any such defects except as provided for by statutory warranties.

14. The Company cannot change invoices to a finance company once goods have been delivered to a customer.



1, Little Sun has a 7 days product return policy;

2, Before returning goods for credit, please contact our return department at accounts@littlesun.com.au or call 03 9833 3889 to confirm detail;

3, All product returned for credit must be in pristine, unopened condition. Opened, damaged or soiled product will not be accepted;

4, A re-stocking fee of 20% appies to all goods return for credit;

5, Freight of returned goods to and from Little Sun is the responsibility of the customers;

6, Little Sun accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occuring in transit or return;

7, Any refunds will not be paid until such time as goods returned have been receipted in our warehouse and inspected. This process normally takes 1-2 weeks. Once this is completed a refund amount excluding any restocking fees, freight or other costs will be made. Refunds will not be paid on goods that have been opened, damaged or soiled.


Warranty (Policy)

1, All products purchased from the Company are covered by a 1 year warranty (unless specified) from invoice date;

2, Ensure products are thoroughly tested before returning them as a $20 Testing Fee may be charged to your account if no fault is found. If you need any assistance using any of our products, please contact us;

3, All goods returned for warranty must include the copy of the original invoice and a fault report (RA Form);

4, All products with physical damage, missing, defaced or illegible serial numbers will not be covered under warranty terms;

5, Please ensure that you have a proof of purchase and are a legal owner of product;

6, Proper packing must be used for all goods returned, as warranty will be void if goods are damaged in transit;

7, Freight of returned goods to the Company is the responsibility of the customer;

8, Damaged on Arrival or Dead On Arrival Products (DOA)

Should the Company’s product be received which is dead or damaged on arrival, please notify the Company Returns Department immediately.

All freight will be the responsibility of the Company for the DOA products. The Company will replace the product within five working days of its receipt, (although exceptions to this may occur from time to time). Replaced products will be returned in their original packaging. If a product returned as "dead on arrival" is found not to be faulty, you (the customer) will be charged a no-fault fee of $100.



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